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Travel Australia with Contiki


Vast open plains, endless natural beauty, rousing city scenes and an enviable attitude of carefree cool.

There’s more to see and love in this country than the English language could ever express. Though you come speaking any language and you’re sure to find a pal or two; that’s the magnificence of multicultural Australia. It’s not surprising Australians have self-titled it the lucky country and the Great Southern Land.

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Why Travel Australia with Contiki

1. Ways to Travel

Every traveller is different, which is why we offer 5 different ways to travel Australia, giving you the best #NOREGRETS experience no matter what you’re into.

  1. Discovery Plus
  2. High Energy
  3. In-Depth Explorer
  4. Sailing & Dive
  5. Festivals & Short Stays

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2. Ways to Stay

Hard pillows and horrid fit outs? Hell no. Lush digs, long sleeps and laughably good locations? That’s more like it.

  • If it’s a beach town, you’ll smell the salt air. When it’s city time, you’ll be on the doorstep of the bright lights. When we’re not out to sea or getting back to nature, we stay right where the action is.
  • Unique Special Stays - An outback cattle station, a beachside surf camp, and a swag under the stars are just some of the stays you’ll remember forever.

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3. Inclusions

Surf lesson sound like you? Seeing Uluru at sunset on your hit-list? Whatever Aussie moment you’re hunting for, we’re bound to include it as part of your trip price.

  • Sightseeing of every major city
  • Heaps of delicious included meals
  • A Trip Manager & Driver to take care of the hassle

4. ME Time

Let’s not beat around the bush: no one gives you more ME Time (free time) than us.

  • You’ve come to Australia to explore, so we give you the free time you need to do just that.
  • Dive into the deep end in the Great Barrier Reef, or out of the sky on a skydive in Surfers Paradise or take a heli ride over Uluru.
  • We’ve got a host of options on offer and get you the best deal out there.

5. Team

Our team are more than just living guidebooks. They’re lifelong travellers, passionate about making sure you make every single moment in Australia count.

  • Trip Manager and Driver team who are with you from start to finish.
  • All the finer details taken care of, like restaurant bookings, sorting our entry to sites and finding your accommodation.
  • Expert local knowledge to help you get the very best from your trip.

6. Food

For those of you who think Australia is the new country on the block with very little in the way of local food flair, think again.

  • You’re in for a surprise of seafood, steakhouses and Sunday roasts, dished up beside enough fresh produce to feed an army of vegans.
  • Included daily breakfasts will fuel you up for the day’s adventures,
  • A perfect mix of incredible included meals and free time to explore
  • Money can’t buy local food experiences will really see you falling for the tastes of Australia

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Discover Australia with Contiki

From $155 per day


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5 Reasons
to travel with us

  1. More choice
  2. More ME Time
  3. 18-35s only
  4. Better experiences
  5. Unbeatable value
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