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Europe with contiki


Uniquely iconic. Infamously cool. Some say Europe is a rite of passage; we say it’s a life defining adventure.

Jump head first into new cultures & eclectic experiences you won’t find anywhere else - take a historical tour in Rome, or delve into the markets of Marrakech. Sail the Croatian Islands or hit the slopes in the Alps. Let’s make one thing clear; a holiday in Europe with Contiki will send you home with absolutely #NOREGRETS.

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Why contiki?

1. Ways to Travel

Not all travellers are the same and we know that, which is why we offer 8 tailor-made travel styles guaranteed to give you the ultimate European adventure.

  1. High Energy
  2. Discovery Plus
  3. In-Depth Explorer
  4. Easy Pace
  5. Freestyle Camping
  6. Sailing & Cruise
  7. Festivals & Short Stays
  8. Winter & Ski

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2. Ways to Stay

You know the kind of travel experience you want; now here’s where you’ll stay.

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3. Inclusions

We have more inclusions on our itineraries than anyone in the biz. We know it’s important to see the blockbusters when you hit Europe so they’re are all included, we will cover most of your entry fees too and we will save you time, like queue skipping at the Eiffel Tower, Colosseum and the Vatican thanks to our sweet connections around Europe.

4. ME Time

The only thing fixed on your Contiki itinerary is the places you visit. Once you are there you can make the choice to chill out and explore on your own time or take part in our ME Time optionals which will give you an even more epic travel experience. Ask your Trip Manager for some tips on where to explore in the European destinations you’ll visit.

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5. Team

Our community of explorers on the road and at our sites are your European experts. Our crew get put through their paces on a 66 day training trip and know the A to Z of Europe, literally, so they’ll fast track you with the knowledge you need. Most importantly, they take the stress out of travel so our travellers can focus on making every moment count.

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6. Food

Eat well, travel often.

Indulging in delicious eats is one of the best things about travel. And unlike some others, for us, it’s about getting an authentic taste of regional flavours and local cuisines. From steaming paella, delicious tapas, plates piled high with pasta or plate-sized pizzas; we indulge the foodie within. Best of all, we leave lots of ME Time free for you to head out and uncover local tastes of Europe your own way.

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